SUNKEAN provide ac 3-phase circular connectors for use in the connection of medium-power string inverters Nov 27,2020

PV connectorsare used in the photovoltaic industry as a key component to wiring solar arrays. With an easy installation, PV connectors provide a high voltage, high-current and low resistance dc connection in a housing capable of withstanding the harshest environments.

Our ac 3-phase connectorfeatures a large current-carrying capacity and an excellent resistance to uv light and high temperatures, making it ideal for use in the connection of medium-power string inverters. The housing is made of a high quality, imported PA66. The stability and reliability are guaranteed thanks to the snap-lock coupling system.

 China AC 5 pin PV Solar Circular connectors manufacturer

sun king 's best ac three-phase connector manufacturer, solar product supplier, has provided ac 5-pin PV solar circular connectors for many years.Email :

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